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FAQ « Larryta


1. If the rent is half a day what will be the charge fees?
The fee remains the same as daily charge.

2. Can I book less than 24 hours notice?
Yes you can BUT we suggest to book by our hotline number rather than online.

3. Can I rent only car without driver?
We are sorry. All cars rented out is with driver.

4. Does the car I rent insured?
YES. All cars provided by Larryta is insured.

5. I want to rent on monthly basis. Is that possible?
YES. It is possible with contract basis.

6. What if I contract 3 months but cancel before expired? DO I get my deposit?
As per contract there will be no refund of deposit.

7. How many months deposit if I rent car for 6 months or more?
Standard deposit rate for contract basis is 1 month plus advance 1 month rental.

8. Can I change the driver?
All drivers are well train and assign prior to your need. We allow change of driver with valid reason.

9. Can your driver speak English?
Drivers are train in multi language. Prior arrangement can be made to suit your need

10. What is chartered means?
CHARTERED is new line of services by Larryta. We provide Executive treatment on board luxury vehicle fleet which include emenities such as LED TV, Printer, Stationeries, Wifi, drinks and comfort travelling in or out of cities. In addition we provide Economy information as well depend on the need of our client.

11. Who needs this service?
Big corporate or VIPs’ from oversea that are looking for investment in Cambodia
Busy Executive that rush for hours can start working while travelling thus makes his/her time fully utilize.
Those who need comfort travelling.

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